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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Comparing and contrasting RPG Maker MV vs SRPG Studio

RPG Maker MV vs SRPG Studio:
  • Both have:
    • Similar interfaces
    • A few similar resources
    • Javascript script support
  • RPG Maker MV Pros:
    • Has character generator
    • Can create JRPGs (like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest)
    • Has plugin support (not sure if SRPG Studio doesn't have it)
    • Has more resources it comes with
    • You can customize the damage/healing/etc. Formulas
    • Can export to many more builts than just Windows (they include Mac, iOS, Android and HTML5), SRPG Studio can only build to Windows currently
  • SRPG Studio Pros:
    • Can create Tactical/SRPG games (like Final Fantasy Tactics) but the games made are mostly Fire Emblem for the GBA clones (FE 4/5 games?)
    • Has many more settings/variables to program (I think it's because of the kind of a game [tactical] it is)

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