Helpful tips in creating functunalities

Here are some tips in how to create a new functionality, according to me: If you have something that is not so simple, write pseudocode...

Friday, August 19, 2016

Unity errors: Why you should not use static gameobjects for several scenes

It's because they get deleted every scene. You're supposed to use DontDestroyOnLoad method.

Unity Errors: Using ToString properly

If you use variableName.ToString like this, you will get an error. It's because ToString() is a function and must be used like this: variableName.ToString() .

New plan for this blog: Unity errors

Hey this is a new plan for this blog. I am a Unity developer and from now on I will be reporting the kind of errors/bugs I get from doing Unity and how I have fixed them. That's what I will do.

What makes Ultimate Muscle: Path to the Superhero fun

So I've been playing this game for the Gameboy Advance(GBA) and I've always found it quite fun. I'll tell you why I think it's quite fun. It's because you can do different kinds of moves, it is challenging and you can unlock supers. You can use A or B for normal attacks, R to grab an opponent and then a bar comes up where if you press B where it's yellow or green, it does a weaker attack or A when it's in blue, it does a stronger attack. The weaker the opponent the easier it is. You can build up your friendship bar to do the ultimate move. It's really doing different kinds of moves and the challenge of pressing the right button at the right time. It's also a risk that you can still pull of a super move without significantly weakening your opponent or using Friendship Power because even though that the bar is slower, it is still there and I've done it a number of times. It's just like switching your plan in Final Fantasy XIII.

The Art of Game Development

The Art of Game Development
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