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Friday, July 1, 2016

RPG training mini-games

Here are some mini-games in RPGs that developers could put for training:

1) Repeat the sequence of buttons on the screen. Whenever a button is shown on the screen, you could repeat it.
2) Press the button very quickly
3) Rock paper scissors(janken) or any of its' variations
4) Games involving chance other than janken like flipping a coin or throwing a die.
5) Tidus' Jecht shot game from Final Fantasy X- Whenever there is something on the screen, press a button if it's in the middle or use an analog stick and press a button if it's at other places.

You can also practice something by just pressing it, waiting for some time to pass and when it's over, press it again. Do this over and over. You can also run around using arrow keys or WASD to improve something like speed and stamina.

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