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Here are some tips in how to create a new functionality, according to me: If you have something that is not so simple, write pseudocode...

Saturday, March 5, 2016

This is a new blog; welcome

Hey I have just created this blog. My name is Eugene and I am an amateur programmer, game developer and game designer. I have created this blog to discuss, ask opinions and share with the world what I've learned about game design. I define game design as an overall plan and idea for your game. It will be how the game looks, how the game plays, the formulas, the rules etc... I am learning these things. I am also a gamer myself. Right now I only focus on RPG games so I will write about them now. Maybe later I will write about other kinds of games; side-scrollers, action, adventure, shooting etc... games.

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The Art of Game Development

The Art of Game Development
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